What Does Pro iTools 3 Have For The iTools Users?

Due to the user records, iTools comes as the perfect and the most trustful to use iOS management tool for iPhone, iPad, and iPod device users. Its latest update to the public, iTools 3 comes to the stage as the latest version of the iTools series. No doubt, Pro iTools 3 is an alternative to iTunes. This is such an amazing paid version that comes with the Pro version. If you hope to make your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch a better one, download iTools 4 on your iDevice as the best replacement for iTunes on your handset.

Introduction to Pro iTools 3

iTools 3 Pro is trusted by millions of Apple device users in the world. Simply, it is designed for Apple Devices. You can use this amazing tool to manage your iOS device photos, music, and documents, and back up your iDevice data. As the main feature, you can get the perfect iOS management experience on your iDevice as you want.

Keep in mind that iTools 3 Pro is a computer-based application. If you are a Windows OS or Mac OS running computer or laptop device user, you can easily recognize your iOS devices through the computer or laptop device.

As you know before, iTunes comes as a media store and iOS device Manager tool that was offered by Apple Inc. iTunes is basically designed for the advanced user community. Due to the complex interface of iTunes, most Apple device users are willing to download iTools Pro as an alternative to their handset. Now, you can iTools Pro Download on any iDevice to get the perfect iOS to manage on your device more effectively and efficiently.

ThinkSky is the developer behind this amazing iTools 3 to the public. It extracts all the features of iTunes along with some additional features. iTools Pro was first introduced in 2011 by ThinkSky Technology. It was compatible with all the iOS versions and iOS devices in the market.

Once you download Pro iTools 3, you can have the ability to access multifunctional functions on your iDevices. No doubt, iTools has had many new upgrades over the years.  Yes, it is the best data transferring tool, an iOS management tool, that allows you to download videos and songs, store any media file such as movies, ringtones, and music files, make your own ringtones and get other features.

What are the New Updates of iTools 4 Version?

As the most recently released version of the iTools series, you can download iTools 4 on your iDevice. With the release of the iPhone X to the public, you can use iTools 4 new version on your handset. It was released in late 2017. ThinkSky basically developed this smart tool as the desktop operating systems supported versions. Therefore, you have no chance to use it as a mobile app. If you are a Windows or Mac OS PC device user, you can iTools 4 Download on the latest versions of Windows OS and Mac OS updates. Keep in mind that iTools 4 is compatible with the latest released iOS versions and new models in the market.

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Features of iTools 3 English 64 Bit

It was designed as a computer-based tool. If you are a Windows and Mac OC computer or laptop device user, you can download Pro iTools 3 latest version on your PC device to get the best features of iTools Pro on your iDevice. You can simply use the iOS management tool and you can get many other benefits on your Apple devices. No doubt, it is mainly supported by the English and Chinese languages. It helps you to sort and manage all the types of files in your iOS device by syncing them with all your iOS and desktop devices.

There is a very simple interface and iOS 16 updates running smart device users can also experience its new features over iTunes. It is a combination of iTunes and Windows interfaces. So, you can get the best experience which creates the same UI as iTunes. If you use iTools Pro, you would not have to sign up for an iCloud account. iTools is very easy to use. All iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch devices are compatible with this smart tool. It provides faster performance for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch device.

Happy to say that iTools Pro is useful for managing iOS. You can export photos instantly on Your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Directly, iTools supports easy transfer in Two-Ways. You can transfer all the mobile data between different devices without any data loss.

Also, it simulates the location according to user desire, and you are no longer engaged with iTunes. Using the AirPlayer features, you can easily play videos and movies on a large screen. To set the default ringtone on your phone, you can use the ringtone generator. Likewise, it gives the super backup and restoration feature. It ensures that your data is always available for you. Now, you don’t need to use any marketing methods for iTools Download and it is available with simple management software.

How can I download iTools 3?

Pro iTools 3 is the most specific process to manage your smart devices. If you are the best user of the desktop computer, you can download iTools 3 Pro on your smart device to get the best experience of iOS management on their iDevices. You just need to download the most recently released version of its series on your Apple device by connecting the device using the computer. You can visit the official website link Pro iTools 3. There are direct links to download iTools 3 Pro on your smart device. You can easily facilitate the downloading process on your smart devices to receive the best iOS management experience.


At present, iTools Pro is the most recommended iOS manager app on your iDevices. You get the privilege of iOS management, data transferring tools, backup and restore applications, video file formats, and other features. Now, iTools Pro is the best device management tool for iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices.

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