Ten Advantages of Digital Recruitment Platforms for Talented Job Seekers

India is currently perhaps the largest producer of talented and skilled employees in the world, with countless engineers, managers, and other skilled workers adding to the country’s pool every year. The opportunities for this talent also continue to grow, yet there remains a gap between the demand and the prospective employee. That demand can be met in several ways: digital recruitment platforms, counsellors, social media, etc. Also known as employment recruiting companies, digital recruitment platforms remain the most popular of these alternatives.

Digital recruitment platforms are, in fact, the most popular vehicle for recruiting employees with employers across various significant industrial sectors. For people seeking jobs, it can be the perfect way of landing the best job for several reasons, including:

  • Better informed

Digital recruitment platforms are generally better informed than any given individual employee. They have all the desirable information about vacancies and where the talented job seeker can be best employed. Nowadays, digital recruitment platforms are maintaining extensive databases and mining information to make their operations even more efficient. As such, digital recruitment companies are often best placed to advise job seekers. 

  • The surest method of finding a job

While there is no guaranteed way for someone to find a job, the best chance job seekers have is through digital recruiters’ platforms. Not only are these platforms the most popular among employers, but they using them to find jobs is also a surer method than most alternatives.

  • Finding job faster

Digital recruitment platforms not only help job seekers by offering them the best chances of finding a job, but they are also the best way of finding jobs fastest. Since they are always conscious of job opportunities, it is easier for them to avail desirable opportunities to prospective candidates.

  • Use of modern technology

Another reason for using digital recruitment platforms is that they use modern technologies to match potential employees with job opportunities. On the one hand, it helps these platforms to find the right candidate for the job for employers; it also helps the employees in what is most rewarding for them.

  • Ideal for people with higher skills

People with higher skills or talent are the ones who are most likely to gain by the use of digital recruitment platforms. Since these people have skills that can be very rewarding when deployed in the right field, they stand to gain the most by using digital recruitment platforms to get the best job opportunities.

  • Finding the best job

Different employees have different skills, personalities, etc. and one of the biggest advantages of using digital recruitment platforms is that they offer an opportunity to find job opportunities that make the best use of one’s talent.

  • Easy to use

Digital recruitment platforms, being the internet-based solutions, are easy to use, and almost anyone can use them to find a job as long as one has a good internet connection and a digital device to access them. Moreover, one can make use of them at a time and place of one’s convenience, and this makes it perfect for people who may currently have a job and are looking to shift.

  • Ideal for people looking for gigs

India has a booming gig economy. Given the relative freedom offered by contractual recruitment, several people are actively seeking gigs. 

According to the prestigious National Institution for Transforming India or NITI Aayog June 2022 report on the gig economy (as quoted in ‘Decoding Jobs Sectoral Reports 2023 Compendium’ by Taggd), the gig workforce can be expected to increase to 2.35 crore by 2030. This exponential growth of the gig economy will be empowered by some industries like Internet business that intends to hire up to fifteen per cent of new employees as gig workers; the overall hiring intent across all these sectors for gig workers was about nine per cent.

However, finding good gigs is not always easy and further, unlike permanent recruitment, it has to be done frequently. Luckily, one can easily change it by using digital recruitment platforms, which offer the best way of finding the best jobs.

  • Taking better decisions

Digital recruitment platforms can also help job seekers make informed decisions, such as whether to keep on hunting for jobs when one is found, what skills to learn, or whether it makes sense to look for employment in a different sector. Moreover, many of these digital recruitment platforms often publish their studies of the market, which can also be used to learn useful information.

  • A cost-effective solution

Many job seekers are put off by the cost of digital recruitment platforms, but these costs are negligible compared to the benefits they offer, as using them can help one find a job faster and thus earn more than one would have otherwise.

Advantages for recruiters

What makes digital recruitment platforms so successful as a method of finding jobs is the relative popularity of the platform among recruiters. As mentioned before, it is the most popular vehicle of recruitment among them. They resulted in 29 per cent of all the recruitment in the Global In-house Centre (GIC) sector, 28 per cent of recruitment in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sector, 28 per cent of recruitment in the IT sector, 27 per cent of total recruitment in the pharmaceutical sector, and 27 per cent of the overall recruitments in the Automotive sector in 2022, according to Decoding Jobs Sectoral Reports 2023 Compendium by Taggd. 

There are several reasons for this popularity, including faster and better results, lower costs, etc.

Taggd – A digital recruitment platform with a difference

While there are several digital recruitment platforms, Taggd stands apart as the best digital recruitment platform across some of the biggest sectors of the Indian economy. It has also resulted in over half a million recruitments in over fourteen industries since its inception in 2005 (source: Taggd Capability Deck). Whatever type of recruitment one may be looking for – permanent, gig, one with better pay, skilled, highly skilled, etc. Taggd is the best place to find it, with several employers across various industries recruiting there.

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