Set Up Your Dual Band AC1200 Extender

Want to configure your dual-band AC1200 WiFi range extender device? You can do this process readily with the help of different effective methods. But, before we come to that, let’s have some quick information about the product, its features, and functions. Let’s start!

Wavlink AC1200 Extender- Front Overview

Let’s first start with a quick overview of some external features that you get on the front panel of the Wavlink AC1200 WiFi Extender device.

WPS Button & Reset Button

At the front of the Wavlink AC1200 dual band extender device, you see the WPS button. With the help of this button, you can quickly connect the extender to the router device. You will find the Reset button near the WPS button. This button allows you to reset your Wavlink AC1200 device to its factory default settings by just pushing this button.

What Do AC1200 Extender LEDs Mean

  • The device is activated if the stable Pink LED blinks on your extender device.
  • The internet is not connected when the red LED flashes fast.
  • Solid RED LED defines that the internet connection is bad.
  • As the solid blue LED defines that the connection is good.
  • WPS is trying to establish a connection with the existing router.

Pros Of AC1200 Dual-Band Extender

  • It helps to remove or eliminate all the dead spot areas of the house and office.
  • With one tap button do the setup process.
  • Compatible with any type of existing router.
  • Easy to handle or carry at any place.
  • It comes in a small size but cutting edge features

Login Into Wavlink AC1200 Extender

  • First, place the power plug of the Wavlink AC1200 dual band extender in the power socket.
  • Now, wait for a while to see the power LED blinking up.
  • After that, take the computer and connect it to the Wavlink extender network.
  • Now, open the browser and enter the default web portal in the URL bar.
  • Then, fill in all the login details shown on the web management page.
  • In the end tap on the login button.

In case, you fail to do the Wavlink extender login process then verify the login details that you fill in the correct login details or not. You can use this login process for other Wavlink router and extender models as well. For example, you can perform the Wavlink AC600 login and then complete the Wavlink AC600 setup as well using the same process we have outlined above.

WPS Setup Method To Pair Extender With Router

The WPS method is a very easy way to connect an extender with the router.

  • To begin with, place your Wavlink AC1200 dual-band WiFi range extender in the power socket.
  • Now, push the WiFi-protected setup button of the dual-band AC1200 extender.
  • Next in 10 seconds punch the existing router WPS button.
  • After doing this, the WPS LED starts to blink solid blue on both the extender and router.
  • As it means, they both successfully linked with each other.

Setup Via Repeater Mode

  • First, put the power plug of the extender in the power socket and connect the computer to the Wavlink extender network.
  • Now, open the browser on your connected computer and enter the Wavlink default web portal in the URL bar.
  • Next, fill in all the details shown on the display.
  • Later, hit on the new extender setup option and select the WiFi network that you want to extend.
  • Make the SSID and password and hit on connect.
  • In the end, wait for a while to see if the Extender has successfully installed notification on your display.

Hence, the Wavlink AC1200 setup process is done with the help of the above two methods without facing any trouble.

Troubleshoot Wavlink AC1200 Dual Band Extender Issues

There are many ways to resolve the Wavlink WiFi range extender issues.

Identify Wavlink AC1200 Dual Band Extender Placement

The placement of the Wavlink extender plays an impactful role in the internet speed. When you locate your extender near a metal or electronic gadget then you can face trouble. To fix this issue we recommend you to settle the extender at the central location of your office and house.

Update Software

To enhance the Wavlink extender software you will need to visit the web management page. Then, select an administration option and then hit on the firmware upgrade. Now, if you see any latest versions of a software file on your computer or laptop then download it. After downloading, restart your Wavlink extender device to finish this method process.

Power Cycle Wavlink Extender

  • Initially, turn off your Wavlink AC1200 dual-band extender.
  • Now, take out the extender power plug from the wall socket.
  • After that, give the rest to the device and turn or power on back your extender device.
  • In the end, put back the AC1200 dual band extender power plug into a wall socket.

Reconfigure Wavlink Extender

  • To reconfigure the device, you will need to reset it first, Consider the below steps.
  • At the back or side of the Wavlink extender, you can get the reset button.
  • Now, push that button with the help of a sim ejector pin.
  • By doing this, all the extender LEDs will now turn off.
  • As it means, your extender device is now completely reset.

Further doing a reset, now you can easily reconfigure your Wavlink AC1200 extender device.

After the entire study of this post, all the Wavlink AC100 dual band extender users will be able to do the login and setup process by themselves, without facing any connection issues or grabbing help from a technician.

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