YouTube is an online video sharing platform which has spread globally across the nations. It is an online platform where you can trace new videos and trending events. You can discover new events and many more. youtube subscribers has expanded its horizon beyond mobile apps like network television and ability to connect with other platforms. This platform has created a major social impact in the lives of people. Today’s generation is crazy about such platforms. They are creating vlogs, shorts etc on youtube. It has become a source of earning for many people and it is  also creating celebrities.

People earn money on youtube by creating videos and sharing valuable content. They can monetize only when they get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of views over one year on their videos. Subscribers are the people who follow you for your videos or the content which you are providing. Getting a good number of subscribers is a dream of many vloggers and content creators. It is basically creating an audience for your channel which will help you in increasing your reach on youtube .

Increasing subscribers is one of the best ways of growing your channel. Your videos shall be reached to a larger audience base . On the other hand it is one of the most channeling parts as well.

Buying youtube subscribers is not illegal  but it is against the youtube terms of service and youtube community guidelines. Buying YT subscribers [https://about.me/buyyoutubesubscribersindia] is the fastest way than the traditional method of growing your channel but  if you buy subscribers you may have to face severe consequences.


Buying youtube subscribers may seem to be one of the easiest and quick ways of expanding but it is important to keep in mind that it leads to very severe results.

If you buy a bunch of fake subscribers your channel might get suspended or banned as it is against the terms and conditions of youtube and youtube community guidelines. Youtube never allows buying and selling of the subscribers as it is unethical. Buying subscribers is a temporary solution for expanding your channel which won’t last long for a longer period of time.

Advantages of buying private subscribers on youtube

  • It is not illegal to buy youtube subscribers. You can buy youtube subscribers and grow your channel at a great speed.
  • If you have views in your channel but not many subscribers. Buying them will help you in balancing the ratio between subscriber and views.
  • It will help you to earn more money on youtube platform.as the number of viewers and the subscribers are to two main criterion for calculation of your earning through youtube channel.

You must also keep in mind the following points while buying subscribers.

  • Reduction in watch hour – If you purchase a bunch of fake subscribers, it may result in reduction in watch hours in your new videos  as these fake subscribers might not be interested in your videos and they are very unlikely to view your content which might impact your views on any of your videos.
  • If you are caught buying youtube subscribers you might not be allowed to open any other channel in future. You will be permanently banned from the youtube platform.
  • After buying subscribed from various spammed platforms you will end up getting an unsupportive audience from the purchase. As the audience which you will get will not be interested in your videos or the content which you provide. Hence you will end up getting low likes and comments as wells as low views. Your video will also have a less chances of appearing in the search list of the people.
  • Reputation and accountability or credibility will be at stake – After indulging in such spam your reputation will be at stake and you might also lose your credibility to the people who genuinely followed you for your content. Your genuine audience will also vanish.

There are various right ways which can help you increase your subscribers and growing your channel :

  • Post valuable content which is on a trend and have a large audience base- create content which has a large fan base and has a greater audience. This will help you in getting more views on your videos and as a result of which your video will be recommended to a larger audience. This at the end will increase your chances of getting more subscribers.
  • You can also promote your videos through google ads. For this purpose you have to first create your google ads account and after that you just have to link it with your youtube channel. This will help you in promoting and marketing of your channel which in turn will increase your subscribers.


Buying youtube subscriber might seem to be one of the most convenient ways in expanding your channel and shortcut path towards youtube success but it is the most unethical and unprofessional way. Buying subscribers is a short term success as in the long run it will have negative effects which are listed above in the article. So,  before investing your money in buying youtube subscribers you should keep in the mind the potential risk involved in doing such spam.

It is not illegal to buy youtube subscribers but it is definately an activity which violates the terms of services and youtube community guidelines.

Youtube never allows anyone  to sell or buy the subscribers. And youtube is a kind of platform that keeps track of all your activities and it does not allow any manipulation with the subcribers. Such practices are treated as cheating the platform and are not tolerated. Hence people who indulge in such activity do face severe consequences of termination of their youtube channel and permanent ban from the platform. You will also lose your genuine youtube subscribers who support you for the content which you created on your own and will end up getting  a bunch of  fake subscribers who will never be interested in your content or videos. Therefore such practices are highly discourged by youtube community guidelines.

If you are searching more about what happens if you buy YouTube subscribers then read here.

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