Which Animals You Should Raise In Stardew Valley?

Want to know which animal in Stardew Valley you should spend the most time and money on? Here is how much money each animal makes.

Have you ever thought about which animal is the best deal? Don’t worry, Stardew Valley fans. We’ve figured out which animal will make you the most money in a week and ranked them all from least profitable to most profitable. If you want to get rich by raising animals, this will help you figure out what you can do and which animals to count on.

Some of the numbers on the list might shock you, while others might not. Of course, the animals that take the most work to open will give the best rewards, but this is not a hard and fast rule. You’ll see a chart with different prices for each animal depending on what Professions you have and how good the things are. Read on to find out what goods make your farm the most money.

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