Are tuitions necessary for all students?

Like numerous other sectors, the education field has undergone significant advancements, leading to a transformative shift in most of the school systems. Amidst these changes, a notable transformation has occurred in the delivery of education, to the extent that the high-quality education provided in schools eliminates the necessity for additional tuition after daily school hours. One such example of this instance is DPS one of the CBSE schools in Gurgaon, where the commitment is to relieve the burden of extra tuition classes among students. The school provides good quality education in a very effective manner for all students to follow. In this article, we highlight the positive effects it has had on children’s overall learning journey.

  1. Practical Learning: Most schools these days adopt a practical approach to imparting education, breaking through the traditional method of rote learning from textbooks. This has ensured that the learning experience for children is not confined to physical classrooms or printed pages alone. 

It is no longer solely about memorizing facts and figures but about understanding concepts, critical thinking, and real-world application. Students are encouraged to explore, question, experiment, and learn through experiences that go beyond the boundaries of classroom walls. As a result, students become active participants in their learning journey and develop a curiosity towards learning more on their own. 

Education in schools nationwide, including all CBSE schools in Sushant Lok, has become more engaging and purposeful, diminishing the reliance on external tutoring. With interactive teaching methods fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills, students now receive a holistic education during school hours. 

  1. Educational Trips: Part of a practical approach, the initiative of schools to organize educational trips also significantly contributes to making the quality of education better for children. Field trips offer real-life encounters that transform theoretical subjects into practical, relatable experiences for students. Visiting industries, watching manufacturing units, or learning about the history of a place establishes a deeper understanding and makes learning more meaningful and applicable. 

Delhi, the capital state of the nation, constantly has ongoing development projects across its urban landscape. The state’s rich historical heritage serves as an authentic source of knowledge, allowing direct access to a wealth of historical information. This vibrant environment in the vicinity provides almost all CBSE schools in Gurgaon with valuable opportunities to arrange educational excursions in and around the city.

  1. Integration of technology: The dominance of technology in the schooling system unravels the skills and knowledge of the modern world for students. Technology facilitates smooth coordination among students and teachers. Virtual classrooms, video conferencing, and online forums encourage discussion and problem-solving, promoting a deeper understanding of subjects.

Concepts that were earlier explained verbally or depicted with drawings on board are now conveyed via screens with dynamic 3D visualizations. The understanding is no longer hindered by a lack of relevant material to the discussion. What a child learns during these lectures during school imprints better on their mind. They need not follow up with a tuition class that may not have the same equipment to integrate technology for all students. 

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CBSE schools in Gurgaon like DPS are assisted with numerous advanced facilities such as smart classrooms, 3D labs, and computer labs to list a few. 

  1. Access to the Internet: Living in the era of the Internet, most students are privileged to have access to information from the past, present, and future at their fingertips. In certain cases, students may struggle to grasp the concept initially, and repetitive explanations are required. Here internet plays a pivotal role, offering a wealth of infinite pre-recorded videos by cognizant faculties in a multitude of languages. These resources empower students to revisit and reinforce their understanding at their own pace. 

This method is often referred to as self-study, wherein children develop their own strategies to comprehend complex concepts. This makes them self-sufficient; as they do not acquire the knowledge but are also able to deliver or execute the same effectively. 

  1. New Ways of Evaluating Academic Progress: Gone are the days when evaluations solely relied on term-end exams. Nowadays, in nearly all schools, teachers employ innovative methods to engage students in continuous preparation throughout the entire academic year, rather than just a month or two before final exams. If you want your children to indulge in such an educational landscape, you can expect a lot from CBSE schools in Sushant Lok and other nearby areas. Some of these are listed below.

Class presentations occur at regular intervals, where individuals or groups of students are assigned topics to prepare and present in front of their peers.

Research-based assignments involve projects centered around topics or information beyond the standard syllabus. While conducting research for these assignments, students often delve deep into the core concepts. And there is no requirement for guidance from an after-school mentor.

Provide your kids with such a fulfilling educational journey at DPSG, CBSE school in Sushant Lok. The teachers at DPSG prioritize providing comprehensive education within school hours to prevent students from feeling overwhelmed by the need for extra sessions at tuition. The student-teacher ratio is also less to ensure every child gets the attention they need. This approach not only reduces academic stress but also grants students the freedom to embrace their school life fully by engaging in diverse extracurricular activities. It offers them opportunities to pursue their passions beyond academic excellence. This is not only beneficial for students but also for parents, who can save on additional tuition expenses. DPSG ensures that your investment is directed toward high-quality education, ensuring a well-rounded and fulfilling educational experience for your child. To know more about the admission process in this CBSE school in Gurgaon, head to their website today! 


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