9 Best Open-World RPGs Like Elden Ring To Play

Want to see more open worlds as beautiful as the one in Elden Ring? Don’t look any further—these games have everything you need.

The latest game in FromSoftware’s “SoulsBorne” series, Elden Ring, came out recently on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Even though many people thought the game would be great, few thought it would have a Metascore of 96, which is very close to perfect.

The SoulsBorne series takes a big step in a new direction with this game. Even though the games have always had open levels, Elden Ring is the first one to have a completely open world. Given how well-liked the game is already, many people will want to play something similar as soon as they finish this huge adventure. There are a few other great open-world RPGs with similar ideas and settings that can help you scratch that itch.

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