8 Great Rogue AOE Abilities In Diablo 4

Some of the best rogue skills in Diablo 4 are these ones that make it easy to clear a room of enemies quickly.

Want to know how to clear a room quickly as a rogue in Diablo 4? Even though it might not be clear at first, the rogue class has a lot of powerful close-combat and long-range area-of-effect abilities that can be used in even an endgame rogue build. In many role-playing games, the rogue class is used to do a lot of damage to a single enemy. But in Diablo 4, the rogue has a lot of ways to attack multiple foes at once and even make explosions that can chain off of the deaths of other enemies.

When making a rogue build, each player will have a different idea of what works best. No matter what kind of rogue the player wants to be, they should generally have at least one AOE ability to get rid of weaker enemies when they need to. So, here are the best AOE skills for rogues that can clear a room.

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