7 Great Games That Inspired Street Fighter 6

Even though they weren’t part of the Street Fighter series, a number of video games were important sources of inspiration for Street Fighter 6.

Since it came out, Street Fighter 6 has been selling like hotcakes. It’s the most famous game in the series since Street Fighter 4, and it might even be as popular as the games were in the 1990s. Even before the game came out, fans liked the new characters, and the old ones got new moves and looks. Then, with its Classic and Modern control sets, the gameplay was able to please both die-hard fans and people who had never played before.

But nothing can come from nothing. There are references to past games, like how the Drive Impacts are like the Focus Attacks from Street Fighter 4, or how some of the super moves come straight from Street Fighter 5. In Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, even the Modern controls had been tried out before. But what other games did Street Fighter 6 look at to get ideas?Here are some thoughts.

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