3 Playable Imaginary Characters In Honkai: Star Rail

Imaginary is a rare feature in Honkai: Star Rail, but its characters are very powerful.

Since Honkai: Star Rail came out, Imaginary has been the hardest to get. The only choice is Welt, a 5-star character you can get through the game’s gacha system or through limited-time character event banners. With the second half of the version 1.1 update, players get to know Luocha and Yukong, two new Imaginary characters. Many more are on the way. Yukong, in particular, will be free for all players to use in version 1.2, which will make this element easier to get. There is a lot of trying content, like hard bosses like Kafka who are weak to Imaginary. Having access to this element makes it much easier to deal with these challenges.

Like the Quantum element in Honkai: Star Rail, the Imaginary Element’s “weakness break” effect is very helpful to teams because it causes a “Imprisonment” effect, which stops enemies from moving and does more damage. This edge in the order of actions lets players attack more often than their enemies each turn. This makes the Imaginary element a good choice against enemies that are weak to this element. Still, it’s important to keep in mind that each character on the Imaginary team has different pros and cons based on their own paths, which makes it hard to put them in order.

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